IDAELI (the council)

Whilst the inhabitants of the communications-village do the most of information processing; the meetings of the council of the island is also a valuable forum for gathering and distributing informations. The brainwork of the council also helps the villages to co-ordinate their actions for the benefit of the whole island. (A shortage of meat will alert the forrestkeepers. Piling up amounts of garbage will advise the energy-environment-recycling village to speed up their work… etc.)

It is very rare that there are serious confilcts or overwhelming problems on the island of Enrisuoma, but in the case of such an event the council can declare an emergency meeting and do their best to find a reasonable solution.

The market opens after the meeting of the council and after all necessary trading the council announces its possible decissions on the matters at hand. This is followed by celebration and open hearted discussions between all the inhabitants of the island.

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